[playlist 01.03.2013]


the days of the trumpet call - honour (den gefallenen)
arcana - chant of the awakening
dead can dance - fortune presents gifts not according to the book
sol invictus - the watching moon
current 93/höh - passing horses
mittageisen - erinnerung
outofsight - vichy cafe
dernière volonté - soldat
boyd rice and friends - people



kirlian camera - no one remained
rome - hope dies painless
blood axis - electricity
dead can dance - nierika
the sisterhood - giving ground
joy division - decades
the cure - primary (live 1984)
for against - amen yves
killing joke - love like blood
the smiths - there is a light that nerver goes out
death in june - he's disabled
sol invictus - raven chorus (version 2)


fire + ice - greyhead
dernière volonté - le poison
triarii - europa
in the nursery - blue religion
dead can dance - rakim (live)
zola jesus - vessel
november növelet - changing mind
herz jühning - son of earth
echo west - observer manr
rasthof dachau - sixty-six days
mmmr - a world at war
monte cazaza - six eyes
joy division - she's lost control



the sisters of mercy - heartland
the cure - a forest
diamanda galas & john paul jones - hex
john foxx - underpass (mark reeder's sinister subway radio remix)        [in memory of hardy "atari" huck]
leila k. - ca plane pour moi
ramones - surfin' bird
placebo - the bitter end
indochine - harry poppers
death in june - the calling (mk II)
blood axis - they walked in line
sol invictus - long live death
dernière volonté - achtung!
of the wand & the moon - nighttime in sonnenheim
fire + ice - take my hand
rome - the secret sons of europe
ordo rosarius equilibrio - the imbecile & the idiot lover



depeche mode - puppets
anne clark - our darkness (live in utrecht, 1988)
daf - als wärs das letzte mal
boytronic - luna square
delay - working in a factory
suicide commando - save me (full version)
sonar - sonar
propergol - renegade
haus arafna - signed with blood
the chemical scourge - substance
herz jühning - messiah
fabrik c - der zweite tod
klangstabil - you may start
controlled bleeding - tormentor's song


death in june - but, what ends when the symbols shatter?
jägerblut - hunting
dernière volonté - la nuit revient
the moon lay hidden benaeth a cloud - 3. track auf 'were you of silver, were you of gold'
november növelet - magic
any leave - we do recall
tuxedomoon - no tears
informatics - accidents in paradise
fad gadget (frank tovey) - back to nature
nick cave & the bad seeds - the weeping song
röyksopp & karin dreijer - what else is there
acid pauli feat. johnny cash - i see a dark(er)ness
brendan perry - wintersun



joy division - shadowplay
the b-52's - planet claire
austra - beat and the pulse
ascii disko - strassen
trans x - living on video (maxi version)
billy idol - dancing with myself
the doors - the end