[playlist 01.10.2010]


kirlian camera - blue room
comando suzie - vulva
canticum funebris - if I had wings
ordo rosarius equilibrio - the perplexity of hybrids, I glorify myself
current 93 - niemandswasser
dead can dance - the cardinal sin
deutsch nepal & the moon lay hidden beneath a cloud - 3. track von 'a night in fear'
the sisters of mercy - afterhours
dernière volonté - soldat
rome - the torture detachment


 hagalaz' runedance - das fest der wintersonnenwende
die form - cantique II
current 93 - falling
kirlian camera - no one remained
skinny puppy - worlock
klinik - cold as ice
the sisters of mercy - emma
joy division - insight
the cure - m
siouxsie and the banshees - face to face
radio werewolf - buried alive
ordo rosarius equilibrio - hell is where the heart is. the gospel of thomas
rome - les isles noires


of the wand and the moon - nighttime in sonnenheim
death in june - the calling (mkII)
current 93 - the dream of a shadow of smoke
bearer of the inmost sun - hail! jerusalem
controlled bleeding - tormentor's song
deutsch nepal - u.r. blackhouse
herz jühning - messiah
pan sonic - teurastamo
haus arafna - signed with blood
hunting lodge - tribal warning shot (studio version)
john foxx - underpass
acid pauli feat. johnny cash - I see darkness


tuxedomoon - no tears (adult remix)
liaisons dangereuses - los ninos del parque
daf - verschwende deine jugend
grauzone - träume mit mir
joy division - digital
the sisters of mercy - adrenochrome
the cure -grinding halt
siouxsie and the banshees - spellbound
christian death - romeo's distress
fields of the nephilim - preacher men
laibach - geburt einer nation
triarii - wings of steel
dernière volonté - le poison
death in june - rosa wolken
rome - der brandtaucher
sol invictus - someday
blood axis - lord of ages



death in june & boyd rice - summer is gone
genevieve pasquier - remember
herz jühning - anorexia
blackhouse - answers for you
subliminal - cry out
haus arafna - you die
sonar - sonar
front 242 - no shuffle
karen finley - tales of taboo
new order - blue monday
depeche mode - stripped
fehlfarben - paul ist tot



joy division - shadowplay
b-movie - nowhere girl (maxi version)
the sisters of mercy - lucretia
the cure - one hundred years
indochine - l'aventurier
sigilum s - radioactivity
phallus dei - black ice
dernière volonté - le plus secret
ordo rosarius equilibrio - three is an orgy
death in june - nothing changes
tiga and zyntherius - sunglasses at night



tears for fears - shout
human league - being boiled
parade ground - strange world
omd - the new stone age
placebo - pure morning
moby - thats when I reach fpr my revolver
the cure - a forest (live)
radiohead - creep
the doors - the end