[playlist 1.11.2013]


monica richards - under the bridge
savages - marshal dear
chelsea wolfe - house of metal
david lynch - cold wind blowin'
monica richards - speak
chrysta bell - down by babylon
dead can dance - indus
death in june - red odin day
current 93 - anywhere people die
dawn & dusk entwined - unfallen
fire + ice - gilded by the sun



the sisterhood - giving ground
siouxsie & the banshees - cities in dust
monica richards - sparks redux
the cure - a strange day
dead can dance - nierika (live 2013)
camerata mediolanense - balcani in fiamme
of the wand and the moon - i crave for you
ordo equilibrio - the gospel of aptitude
dernière volonté - ton visage de papier
november növelet - glass
haus arafna - the woman you are [there is more than you expect] (für elfi)
herz jühning - defense reaction
propergol - la vie en rose
tikanis - propagation of the virus


controlled bleeding - tormentor's song
dernière volonté - cran d’arrêt
rose rovine et amanti - il gato osserva
death in june - break the black ice
sephiroth - wolftribes
bardoseneticcube - deadhead part 3 (short version)
sol invictus - raven chorus
the creatures - exterminating angel
joy division - disorder
the cure - grinding halt
the sisters of mercy - lucretia
nine inch nails - terrible lie
monica richards - gil's theme
boytronic – you’re the one who stays
led er est - scissors



alien skull paint - fly with me
xeno & oaklander - blue flower
november növelet - magic
coil - ostia
deutsch nepal & tmlhbac - 2. track von 'a night in fear'
haus arafna - mirror me
militia - mikael bukunin
predominance - luftschiffe
genocide organ - hail america
thorofon - riot dictator
mental measuretech - turtle recall III
dernière volonté - ou tu iras



rome - a legacy of unrest
death in june - but, what ends when the symbols shatter
forseti - empfindsamkeit (feat. ian read)
ordo rosarius equilibrio - a song 4 hate & devotion
blood axis - lord of ages
joy division - shadowplay
the cure - m
the sisters of mercy - nine while nine
alien sex fiend - i walk the line
christian death - romeo's distress
acid pauli feat. johnny cash - i see a dark(er)ness
les visiteurs du soir - je t'écris d'un pays
dernière volonté - rien a aimer
röyksopp & karin dreijer - what else is there
chelsea wolfe - we hit a wall


portishead - machine gun
nine inch nails feat. peter murphy - warm leatherette
klangstabil - you may start
absolute body control - is there an exit (live wgt 2007)
depeche mode - no disco
omd - telegraph
nitzer ebb - lightning man
daf - verschwende deine jugend
herz jühning - messiah
hausn arafna - you die
propergol - renegade
non - total war (live in japan)
in the nursery - mystery (live 1993, leipzig)
death in june - nothing changes



grauzone - träume mit mir
human league - being boiled
talk talk - living in another world
billy idol - dancing with myself
dead or alive - you spin me round (like a record)
depeche mode - photographic
joachim witt - goldener reiter
fehlfarben - paul ist tot
david bowie - heroes
the velvet underground & nico - venus in furs
johnny cash - hurt (für elfi)
the doors - the end