[playlist 02.02.2007]



dead can dance – nierika (live in paris 2005)

kraftwerk – boing boom tschak

chris & cosey – exotika

a split second – from the inside

kirlian camera – dead zone in the sky

borghesia – no hope, no fear

front 242 – kampfbereit

jack or jive – a march for new european

oraison - fields

nature &andorganisation - bloodstreamruns

death in june – to drown a rose

sisterhood – giving ground



joy division – atmosphere

dead can dance – yulunga

helium vola – selig

bauhaus – she’s in parties

anne clark – sleeper in metropolis

skinny puppy – worlock

monolith – matrix-b

haus arafna – fόr immer

black house – five minutes after i die (in memory of xxx)

institution d.o.l. – a viennese place

ministry – you know what you are

nine inch nails - closer



marilyn manson – sweet dreams

the sisters of mercy – heartland

fields of the nephilim – slow kill

joy division – transmission

the cure – primary (live)

alien sex fiend – i walk the line

strength through joy – the force of truth and lies

death in june - [das lied habe ich leider vergessen... ;-) ]

derniere volonte – l’ombre des reverberes

kirlian camera – k-pax

die form – savage logic

the creatures – exterminating angel

silke bischoff – under your skin



propaganda – dr. mabuse

sleeping dogs wake – toys for alice

suicide commando – comatose delusion

skinny puppy – assimilate

socialistisches patienten kollektiv – wars of islam

blackhouse – answers for you (in memory of xxx)

thorofon – riot dictator

haus arafna – you die

imminent starvation - lost highway (exit)

joy division – she’s lost control

the sisters of mercy – logic

virgin prunes - pagan lovesong



cinema strange – aboriginal anemia

christian death – romeo’s distress

placebo – the bitter end

the cold – sleep, but never dream

the b-52’s – planet claire

fehlfarben – der weg zu zweit

grauzone – trδume mit mir

daf – verschwende deine jugend

visage – fade to grey

current 93 – the fall of christopher robin

death in june – but, what ends when the symbols shatter?

sixth comm – calling

derniere volonte – ou tu iras

sol invictus – a rose in hell (live)

spiritual front – no kisses on the mouth (2003)


nocturnal emissions – don’t believe it’s over

ordo equilibrio – the gospel of apitude

kirlian camera – absentee (alamo mix)

abwδrts – computerstaat

objekt/urian – death before disko

the normal – warm leatherette

freiwillige selbstkontrolle – was kostet die welt?

kraftwerk – das modell

fehlfarben – paul ist tot

karen finley – tales of taboo

socialistisches patienten kollektiv – walking on dead steps

throbbing gristle – what a day

coil – tainted love

the doors – the end