[playlist 02.09.2011]



autopsia - war in heaven
human flesh - hymn for a dark future
tac - sixth from jupiter
peter bjärgö - imprisonment of the mind
dead can dance - indus
death in june - but what ends when the symbols shatter? (piano version)
ordo rosarius equilibrio - in my little black dress
esben and the witch - marine
blood axis - the seeker
current 93 & höh - anywway, people die


 camerata mediolanense - il trionfo di bacco e arianna
der blaue reiter - eyes of the lost
foresta di ferro - oak leaf
of the wand & the moon - i crave for you (7''-version)
joy division - chance (atmosphere)
the sisterhood - giving ground
the cure - kyoto song
siouxsie & the banshees - red light
the sisters of mercy - walk away
hagalaz runedance - wake skadi
backworld - leaving the isles of the blest
ordo rosarius equilibrio - serpent - dagger - lion - man
blood axis - electricity


rome - our holy rue
bearer of the inmost sun - hail! jerusalem
the well of sadness - in our last times
death in june - she said destroy
dernière volonté - mon mercenaire
portishead - machine gun
fever ray - keep the streets empty for me
skinny puppy - smothered hope
calva y nada - rascheln
front 242 - operating tracks
nitzer ebb - isn't it funny how your body works?
daf - was ziehst du an heute nacht?
alien sex fiend - i walk the line
the sisters of mercy - heartland


joy division - interzone
frustration - no trouble
fields of the nephilim - love under will
gitane demone - incendiary lover
p1/e - 49 sec romance (licht & schatten disco-version)
no more - suicide commando
november növelet - magic
herz jühnung - messiah
haus arafna - heart beats, blood flows
geneviéve pasquier - bougel
genocide organ - vive la guerre
ah cama-sotz - confession
grauraum - wasteland
controlled bleeding - tormentor's song
leger des heils - geistesmahnung



rome - the merchant fleet
dernière volonté - la source
jägerblut - hunting
death in june - behind the rose (fields of rape)
ordo rosarius equilibrio - hell is where the heart is. the gospel of tomas
triarii - on wings of steel
nine inch nails - terrible lie
skinny puppy - worlock
anne clark - sleeper in metropolis (live in utrecht)
acid pauli feat. johnny cash - i see a dark(er)ness
röyksopp & karin dreijer - What else is there
ruth - polaroid roman photo
tuxedomoon - no tears (adult remix)
the b-52's - planet claire


philipp boa & the voddooclub - fine art in silver
trans X - living on video (maxi version)
position parallèle - si calme
absolute body control - into the light
dernière volonté - la nuit revient (''walter p.38''-mix)
death in june - the calling (mk II)
sol invictus - kneel to the crosses
rome - the secret sons Of europe
brendan perry - babylon
kraftwerk - radioaktivität
the velvet underground & nico - all tomorrow's parties
tito & tarantula - after dark
the smiths - panic



pink turns blue - walking on both sides
placebo - this picture
fehlfarben - paul ist tot
grauzone - träume mit mir
rammstein - sonne
kirlian camera - erinnerung (alternative mix)
the doors - the end