[playlist 3.01.2014]


oda relicta - barvinok
der feuerkreiner - sophie
mz 412 - overthrowing european christianity
dead can dance - indus
rome - hope dies painless
dernière volonté - soldat
bearer of the inmost sun - nagelfar rising
kirlian camera - blue room (original long version)
absolute body control - do you feel it inside
chris and cosey - exotika


kraftwerk - trans europe express
in the nursery - sense
of the wand and the moon - my devotion will never fade ('Lichttaufe 2'-Version)
ordo rosarius equilibrio - who stole the song (from Its Place in My Heart)
the sisterhood - giving ground
alien sex fiend - e.s.t. - trip to the moon
the cure - a forest (live 1984)
siouxsie & the banshees - happy house
joy division - transmission
death in june - the calling (mk II)


dernière volonté - au travers des lauriers
ordo rosarius equilibrio - in high heels through nights of broken glass
peter bjärgö - imprisonment of the mind
controlled bleeding - tormentor's song
forseti - wind
current 93 - oh coal black smith
throbbing gristle - something came over me
herz jühning - anorexia
haus arafna - signd with blood
subliminal - cry out loud
institution d.o.l. - a viennese place
klangstabil - shadowboy
front 242 - happiness (live)
nitzer ebb - murderous
daf - der mussolini (original version)



skinny puppy - assimilate
karen finley - tales of taboo (radio mix)
john foxx - underpass (mark reeder's sinister subway radio remix) [in memory of hardy atari]
the creatures - exterminating angel
joy division - shadowplay
the cure - grinding halt
the sisters of mercy - nine while nine
dernière volonté - la nuit revient
death in june - rose clouds of holocaust
rome - das feuerordal
ordo rosarius equilibrio - the imbecile & the idiot lover
hagalaz' runedance - frigga's web
von thronstahl - heimatfreund - staatsfeind
laibach - b mashina


the soft moon - circles
sixth june - the night is coming
depeche mode - photographic
omd - telegraph
propaganda - dr. mabuse
zola jesus - vessel
die fantastischen vier - krieger
wumpscut - wreath of barbs (heavenly melancholy remix)
herz jühning - messiah
haus arafna - you die
propergol - renegade
maska genetik - ocean
grauraum - wasteland


geneviève pasquier - remember
danton's voice - i hear the bells
a flock of seagulls - i ran
eurythmics - sweet dreams (are made of this)
tito & tarantula - after dark
violent femmes - blister in the sun
mick harvey - out of time man (ost 'breaking bad')
death in june - break the black ice
rome - the secret sons Of europe
dernière volonté - cran d’arrêt
blood axis - the hangman and the papist (live in sweden)
dead can dance - opium
trisomie 21 - the last song
joy division - disorder
the church - pharoah
the sisters of mercy - heartland


placebo - the bitter end
white lies - big tv
fad gadget - back to nature
visage - fade to grey
die krupps feat. geoffroy d. (dernière volonté) - sans fin
kirlian camera - absentee (alamo mix)
grauzone - träume mit mir
nocturnal emissions - don't believe it's over
the doors - the end