[playlist 3.04.2015]



tho-so-aa - ghosts of the past
leger des heils & von wolfen - a song for the man who killed his soul
current 93 - time stands still
rome - das unbedingte
dead can dance - indus
peter bjärgö - a wave of bitterness
dernière volonté - en avant!
the sisterhood - giving ground
siouxsie & the banshees - red light


the cure - a strange day
kirlian camera - blue room (new version)
dernière volonté - nos chairs
backworld - leaving the isles of the blest
death in june - break the black ice
current 93 & höh - the dream of a shadow of smoke
der blaue reiter - 1st of may
ordo rosarius equilibrio - three is an orgy, four is forever
predominance - four symbols
controlled bleeding - tormentor's song
the klinik - someone somewhere
borghesia - no hope, no fear
laibach - geburt einer nation


skinny puppy - worlock
kirlian camera - looking for europe
haus arafna - he coloured me blind
genocide organ - klaus barbie
militia - mikael bukunin
november növelet - magic
silent signals - waiting for reaction
cold cave - our tears help the flowers grow
keluar - rivers
lebanon hanover - ice cave
the sisters of mercy - body electric
joy division - ice age
the cure - m
sexgang children - guy wonder



christian death - romeo's distress
john foxx - underpass
dernière volonté - mon meilleur ennemi
death in june - the calling (mk II)
rome - the secret sons of europe
sinweldi - notre victoire
triore - no tears are shed for you and me
sol invictus - kneel to the cross ('lex talionis' version)
ordo equitum solis - playing with the fire
in the nursery - sense
portishead - machine gun
minuit machine - sabotage
the normal - warm leatherette
herz jühning - son of earth
haus arafna - the woman you are [there is more than you expect]


coil - heartworms
atrox - regime - part 1
coph nia - holy war (pt. I - enter)
monte cazaza - six eyes from hell
the sisters of mercy - heartland
joy division - shadowplay
the cure - the walk
mephisto walz - painted black
death in june - she said destroy
dernière volonté - song d'un martin d'ete
rome - one fire
sol invictus - long live death
king dude feat. chelsea wolfe - be free
blood axis - electricity (live in sweden)


this mortal coil - strength of strings
röyksopp & karin dreijer - what else is there?
omd - enola gay
trans x - living on video (maxi version)
boytronic - you
grauzone - träume mit mir
phillip boa and the voodooclub - fine art in silver
calva y nada - rascheln
daf - der mussolini (original version)
hunting lodge - tribal warning shot (studio version)
haus arafna - last dream of jesus
karjalan sissit - nyt tulee kirvestä; perkele
trepaneringsritualen - alone-a-cross-abyss
the klinik - hours and hours
die krupps - machineries of joy


le syndicat electronique - sacrifice
echo west - in pop we trust
kirlian camera - black august
laibach - walk with me
chelsea wolfe - feral love
werkraum - steh auf, nordwind!
death in june - but, what ends when the symbols shatter?
the doors - the end