[playlist 3.10.2014]


zola jesus - go (blank sea)
coil - the dreamer ia still asleep
forest swords - thor's stone


dead can dance - indus
rome - a farewell to europe
argentum - runa
of the wand and the moon - my devotion will never fade
strydwolf - auferstehung
kirlian camera - blue room
the sisters of mercy - lucretia
joy divison - shadowplay
the cure - m
lebanon hanover - gallowdance
dark allies - light asylum
stephan eicher - noise boys song
the normal - t.v.o.d.
laibach - geburt einer nation


laibach - geburt einer nation
controlled bleeding - tormentor's song
dernière volonté - ma foi est mon combat
rome - one fire
der blaue reiter - eyes of the lost
jesus and the gurus - march to hell
portishead - machine gun
awolnation - sail
gerard mcmann - cry little sister (ost 'the lost boys')
militia - mikael bukunin
haus arafna - holocaust
ppf & ick - discipline
maska genetik - ernste stunde



klangstabil - push yourself
kirlian camera - k-pax
the creatures - exterminating angel
joy division - transmission
the cure - grinding halt
lebanon hanover - ice cave
ruth - roman photo
x mal deutschland - geheimnis
the sisters of mercy -
nox - cannibal night
fliehende stürme - es
the sisters of mercy - body electric
death in june - the calling (mk II)
rome - hate us and see if we mind
of the wand and the moon - i crave for you (feat. matt howden)
sol invictus - someday


dernière volonté - au travers des lauriers
leger des heils - geistesmahnung (gloria version)
jännerwein - the grass is always browner
the well of sadness - in our last times
fad gadget frank tovey) - back to nature
lebanon hanover - tomb for two
november növelet - my fairy place
silent signals - waiting for reaction
monte cazaza - six eyes from hell
dive - snakedressed
herz jühning - messiah
haus arafna - heart beats, blood flows
genocide organ - vive la guerre


propergol - renegade
kirlian camera - looking for europe
der blutharsch & the infinite church of the leading hand - desire (remix by geoffroy d.)
fisherspooner - emerge
acid pauli feat. johnny cash - i see a dark(er)ness
joy division - ice age
the sisters of mercy - amphetamine logic
christian death - tragedy
love's laboour's lost - transition (kissing my blood)
dernière volonté - la source
death in june - runes and men
blood axis - lord of ages
current 93 - bloodstreamruns
rome - das feuerordal
king dude feat. chelsea wolfe - be free


the cranberries - zombie
zola jesus - vessel
dead can dance - opium
grauzone - träume mit mir
austra - beat and the pulse
welle:erdball - laß uns ein computer sein
the doors - the end