[playlist 04.01.2008]



dead can dance – indus

chris & cosey – exotika

geneviève pasquier - yearning

dernière volonté – en avant!

die form – cantitique II

der blutharsch - track VI von 'der sieg des lichtes ist des lebens heil'

kirlian camera – no one remained

skinny puppy – worlock



:wumpscut: - wreath of barbs (heavenly extended version)

ah cama-sotz – confession

monolith - matrix-b

haus arafna – mirror me

geneviève pasquier - blitzkrieg baby part 1

joy division – she’s lost control

the sisters of mercy – heartland

the field of nephilim – slow kill

bauhaus – the passion of lovers

gitane demone – incendiary lover

siouxsie & the banshees – cities in dust

the velvet underground & nico - venus in furs

death in june – but what ends when the symbols shatter?


dernière volonté – le poison

boyd rice and friends - down in the willow garden

blood axis - walked in line

:golgatha: - man of fire (black sun)

dead can dance – black sun

haus arafna – last dream of jesus

100blumen – mr. Sister

monolith - disco buddha (club remix)

die krupps – to the hilt (lp version)

front 242 - headhunter

skinny puppy - assimilate

nitzer ebb – murderous


kirlian camera – absentee (alamo mix)

joy division – twenty four hours

the sisters of mercy – marian (version)

the cure – primary

virgin prunes – pagan love song

love’s labours lost – whispering

siouxsie & the banshees - israel

bearer of the inmost sun - hail! jerusalem

death in june – ein böser böser titel... ;-)

rome – beasts of prey

in the nursery –hymn

sephiroth – wolftribes)

spiritual front – no kisses on the mouth (2007)

dernière volonté – au travers des lauriers



blackhouse - answers for you

100blumen – beat that nazi maggot

haus arafna - swastikas kommando

geneviève pasquier – don’t think i am...

klangstabil – push yourself

nocturnal emissions – don’t believe it’s over

grauzone – träume mit mir

david bowie - heroes

karen finley – tales of taboo (radio mix)

john foxx – underpass

the sisters of mercy – logic

alien sex fiend – ignore the machine

christian death – romeo’s distress



placebo – the bitter end

leila k. – ca plane pour moi

nine inch nails – closer

laibach – geburt einer nation

backworld – come with joy

dernière volonté – mon mercenaire

death in june – little black angel

ordo rosarius equilibrio - in high heels through nights of broken glass

orplid – söhne des ares

current 93 – a gothic love song

death in june – winter eagle

deutsch nepal – deflagration of hell

tuxedomoon – no tears

abwärts – computerstaat



haus arafna – für immer

dive – so hard (live 12.06.1992 sint-niklaas, belgium)

the normal - tvod

orplid – auf unbekannten pfaden

the doors – the end