[playlist 04.05.2012]


and also the trees - lady d'arbanville
chandeen - in power we entrust the love advocated
dead can dance - indus
kirlian camera - no one remained
janitor - habelsbolet - port said
rome - the orchards
current 93 - passing horses
dernière volonté - en avant


ordo rosarius equilibrio - glory to thee, my beloved masturbator
jack or jive - a march for new european
morthound - herb of grace
of the wand & the moon - lost in emptiness ('my black fate' 7''-version)
phallus dei - break the black ice
kirlian camera - blue room
john foxx - automobile
kraftwerk - trans europe express
blood axis - electricity
death in june - the perfume of traitors
backworld - come with joy
darkwood - im heimatwald
dernière volonté - la poison


rome - sons of aeeth
dawn & dusk entwined - the ring of brodgar
joy division - insight
forthcoming fire - feuer
the sisters of mercy - alice
fields of the nephilim - mourning sun
kirlian camera - drifting
herz jühning - messiah
atrox - versuch einer versöhnung
haus arafna - oradour sur glane
novva falla - lischt (licht remix by lucadamosh)
daf - was ziehst Du an heute nacht
gleitzeit - ich komme aus der ddr
grauzone - der weg zu zweit
human league - the black hit of space



controlled bleeding - tormentor's song
death in june - heaven street (mk II)
dernière volonté - l'appel
rome - the secret sons of europe
sol invictus - kneel to the crosses
ordo rosarius equilibrio - who stole the song (from it's place in my heart) SONG / SUN?????
current 93 - bloodstreamruns
fever ray - keep the streets empty for me
portishead - machine gun
skinny puppy - tin omen
the sisters of mercy - amphetamine logic
joy division - interzone


siouxsie & the banshees - spellbound
new model army - 51st state
the cult - she sells sanctuary
tuxedomoon - no tears (adult remix)
john foxx - underpass (mark reeder's sinister subway radio remix)
kirlian camera - k-pax
haus arafna - the woman you are [there is more than you expect]
propergol - renegade
folkstorm - we are the resistance
the chemical scourge - substance
bearer of the inmost sun - hail jerusalem!
death in june - liedchen mit einem bösen, bösen titel ;-)
rome - the spanish drummer


sol invictus - death of the west
triarii - roses 4 rome (feat. ordo rosarius equilibrio)
solblot - drömsyn på ängen
strydwolf - auferstehung
die fantastischen vier - krieger
röyksopp & karin dreijer - what else is there
cold Cave - our tears help the flowers grow
depeche mode - ice machine
klangstabil - push yourself
grauzone - träume mit mir
acid pauli feat. johnny cash - i see a dark(er)ness
leila k. - ca plane pour moi
boytronic - you (maxi version)



womd - electricity
yazoo - don't go
eurythmics - sweet dreams (are made of this)
dernière volonté - le plus secret
the normal - t.v.o.d.
silvia - zuerst ich
wermut - lucia's song
ruth - polaroid roman photo
blood axis - reign I forever (live in Sweden)