[playlist 04.11.2011]



scala - teens smells like spirit (live)
klinik - ring of fire
rome - hope dies painless
dernière volonté - soldat
h.e.r.r. - for a christ thorn
dead can dance - nierika
backworld - come with joy
in the nursery - blue religion
morthound - herb of grace
fever ray - keep the streets empty for me


 depeche mode - the sinner in me
nine inch nails - closer
a split second - on command!
klinik - cold as ice
front 242 - operating tracks
16 bit - too fast to live
kirlian camera - k-pax
light asylum - dark allies
the sisters of mercy - dominion/mother russia
joy division - disorder
b-movie - nowhere girl


dernière volonté - rien a aimer
the well of sadness - in our last times
death in june - the calling (mk II)
ordo rosarius equilibrio - a song 4 hate & devotion
in the nursery - the seventh seal
rome - das feuerordal
bearer of the inmost sun - hail! jerusalem
hagalaz' runedance - wake skadi
portishead - machine gun
kirlian camera - drifting
kraftwerk - radioaktivität ('the mix'-version)
klangstabil - push yourself


cold cave - our tears help the flowers grow
november növelet - magic
haus arafna - heart beats, blood flows
genocide organ - vive la guerre (live in erlangen)
polarlicht 4.1 - polarluft
herz jühning - messiah
controlled bleeding - tormentor's song
dernière volonté - le poison
blood axis - the hangman and the papist (live in sweden)
death in june - rosa wölkchen...
forseti - korn
sonne hagal - midwinternight
rome - the secret sons of europe



sol invictus - the killing tide
ordo rosarius equilibrio - in high heels through nights of broken glass
sephiroth - wolftribes
brendan perry - babylon
silke bischoff - under your skin
joy division - shadowplay
the sisters of mercy - marian (version)
christian death - romeo's distress
indochine - l'aventurier
vive la fête - petit colibri
acid pauli feat. johnny cash - i see a dark(er)ness
iggy pop - the passenger
the multicoloured shades - teenage sex confusion


tuxedomoon - no tears (adult remix)
john foxx - underpass (mark reeder's sinister subway radio remix)
boytronic - luna square
a flock of aeagulls - i ran
depeche mode - photographic
dernière Volonté - le plus secret
blood axis - walked in line
triarii - europa
laibach - b mashina
triarii - roses 4 rome (feat. ordo rosarius equilibrio)
rome - querkraft
death in june - break the black ice
current 93 & höh - the dream of a shadow of smoke
dead can dance - black sun



foresta di ferro - oak leaf
strength through joy - the force of truth and lies
the doors - the end