[playlist 05.09.2008]



raison d’être – in emptiness

nature and organisation – wicker man song

monumentum - fade to grey

kirlian camera – the christ

clair obscur - blume

dead can dance - song of the stars

current 93 - the teeth of the winds of the sea


the sisters of mercy - 1959

bauhaus - bela lugosi's dead

skinny puppy - worlock

dive - insanity

deutsch nepal - deflagration of hell

kirlian camera - the desert inside (long vesion)

monolith - matrix-b

sixth comm/mother destruction - woodenseed

lene lovich - bird song

joy division - dead souls


the sisters of mercy - lucretia

derniere volonte - au travers des lauriers

rome - der brandtaucher

of the wand and the moon - my devotion will never die

death in june - break the black ice

ordo rosarius equilibrio - hell is where the heart is - the gospel of Tomas

dead can dance - cantara

the sisters of mercy - dominion/mother russia

geneviève pasquier - remember

panasonic - teurastamo

haus arafna - oradur sur glane

spk - germanik


militia - mikael bukunin

tuxedomoon - no tears

i/f - space invaders are smoking grass

alien sex fiend - i walk the line

mephisto walz - staccotto

joy division - walked in line

christian death - tales of innocence

the killers - shadowplay

placebo - this picture

stereo katastrophe

derniere volonte - mon mercenaire

death in june & boyd rice - summer is gone

backworld - leaving the isles of the blest


rome - das feuerordal

ordo rosarius equilibrio - in high heels through nights of broken glass

daf - als wärs das letzte mal

klangstabil - push yourself

absolute body control - is there an exit?

esplendor geometrico - moscu esta helado

haus arafna - you die

tarsus - statement

sektion b - agent orange

nin - closer

type o negative - my girlfriends girlfriend

the sisters of mercy - body electric

joy division - ice age

siouxsie & the banshees - the passenger



frank tovey (fad gadget) - back to nature

shock therapy - can i do what i want?

the cure - kyoto song

bauhaus - the sanity assassin

derniere volonte - le poison

death in june - ein böser böser titel ;-)

seelenlicht - she walks in beauty

camerata mediolanese - il triondo di bacco e arianna

estampie - o fortuna

dead can dance - black sun

nocturnal emissions - don't believe it's over

john foxx - underpass

visage - fade to grey

depeche mode - ice machine



daf - der mussolini

boytronic - you

liaisons dangereuses - los ninos del parque

doppler effect - four day romance

the velvet underground & nico - all tomorrow's party

the doors - the end