[playlist 06.02.2009]


 the days of the trumpet call - honour (den gefallenen)
belborn - unsterblichkeit II
rose rovine e amanti - carme (da catullo)
pilori - a ship is burning
blood axis – electricity
current 93 – the blue gates of death (before and beyond them)
h.e.r.r. - for a christ-thorn
this mortal coil – my father
dernière volonté – soldat

ordo rosarius equilibrio - ashen like you and black like the snow
rome - hope dies painless
dead can dance – black sun
death in june – break the black ice
the moon lay hidden beneath a cloud – 2. track auf 'were you of silver, were you of gold'
the normal - t.v.o.d.
nox – cannibal night
joy division - chance (atmosphere)
the cure – play for today
bauhaus – the passion of lovers
november növelet – magic
haus arafna – holocaust
herz jühning – anorexia


blackhouse – answers for you
sonar - transparent pilots
genocide organ – klaus barbie
bearer of the inmost sun – hail! jerusalem
mental measuretech – turtle recall
dernière volonté – le poison
ordo equilibrio – the perplexity of hybris, i glorify myself

rome – das feuerordal
sol invictus – long live death
death in june – the calling (mk II)
alien sex fiend – e.s.t. – trip to the moon
the sisters of mercy – adrenochrome
mephisto waltz – stacotto


christian death – romeo’s distress
placebo – special k.
new order – 60 miles an hour
nocturnal emissions – never give up
herz jühning – rituals
brighter death now – oh baby
mürnau – null
haus arafna – für immer
november növelet – she was young
klinik – cold as ice
nitzer ebb – fun to be had
daf – was ziehst du an heute nacht?
delay – working in a factory
position parallèle – je reviendrai
client – rock and roll machine
sixth comm. – calling 


dernière volonté – la nuit revient
rome – das unbedingte
death in june – runes and men
triarii – on wings of steel
hagalaz’ runedance – frigga’s web
test department – arddyledog ganu
einstürzende neubauten – die befindlichkeit des landes
the velvet underground & nico – all tomorrow’s parties
the sisters of mercy – heartland
bauhaus – the sanity assassin
gitane demone – incendiary lover
siouxsie & the banshees – cities in dust
nichts – tango 2000
kirlian camera - k-pax (remix by fotonovela) 



position parallèle – gorge arachnée
the normal – tvod
i-c-k – giovinezza
haus arafna – last dream of jesus
panasonic – teurastamo
mürnau – predominance
blood axis – lord of ages
dernière volonté – la source
rome – der brandtaucher
death in june – but what ends when the symbols shatter?
rosa crux – adorasti
current 93 – all the pretty little horses
frank tovey (fad gadget) – collapsing new people
joy division – shadowplay
billy idol – dancing with myself


leila k. – ca plane pour moi
crisis – holocaust
pink turns blue – michelle
propaganda – dr. mabuse
visage – fade to grey
welle:erdball – deine augen
u2 – with or without you
the doors – the end