[playlist 7.02.2014]


trisomie 21 - the lined hands of afternoon
selfishadows - poison

baishui - sunset
dead can dance - anywhere out of the world
current 93 - hourglass for diana
dernière volonté - soldat
rome - orchards
boyd rice and friends - down in the willow garden
backworld - the devil's plaything
kirlian camera - a woman's Dreams
camouflage - pompeji
fever ray - when i grow up


kraftwerk - trans europa express
a; grumh... - ha people
the sisters of mercy - emma
siouxsie & the banshees - red light
joy division - insight
the cure - the walk
virgin prunes - walls of jericho
monte cazaza - six eyes from hell
in the nursery - blue religion
test department - truan yw gennyf fi
dernière volonté - le poison
death in june - hollows of devotion
leger des heils - geistesmahnung (gloria version)
ordo equitum solis - message to pan
current 93 - earth covers earth


controlled bleeding - tormentor's song
militia - mikael bukunin
haus arafna - the woman you are [there is more than you expect]
rasthof dachau - sixty-six days
the soft moon - circles
herz jühning messiah
hunting lodge - tribal warning shot (studio version)
boytronic - you (maxi version) (in loving memory of tina)
dead or alive - you spin me round (like a record)
new order - blue monday (12'' version)
absolute body control - is there an exit (live wgt 2007)
leila k. - Ça plane pour moi! (long version)



alien sex fiend - i walk the line
the sisters of mercy - flood II
joy division - transmission
death in june - she said destroy
dernière volonté - mon mercenaire
ordo rosarius equilibrio - the imbecile & the idiot lover
rome - querkraft
of the wand and the moon - hail hail hail (live 1984)
bearer of the inmost sun - hail jerusalem!
triarii - on wings of steel
tikanis - sonnenkrieger
haus arafna - für immer
maska genetik - ocean


institution d.o.l. - a viennese place
dive - snakedressed
kiew - feierabend in kiew
portishead - machine gun
die form - inhuman
the creatures - exterminating angel
joy division - shadowplay
norma loy - romance
normahl - trümmertango ('auszeit'-version)
ea80 - 200m und danach
christian death - romeo's distress
love like blood - johannesburg
savages - husbands


death in june - mk II
dernière volonté - achtung!
peter bjärgö - imprisonment of the mind
dead can dance - nierika (live 2013)
kirlian camera - fields of sunset (days of the scythe)
rome - the secret sons Of europe
zone - the butterfly effect
fad gadget (frank tovey) - back to nature
sexgang children - guy wonder
the cure - charlotte sometimes
kate bush - running up that hill
haus arafna - i did it for you
november növelet - magic
monolith - matrix-b


kraftwerk - das modell
depeche mode - ice machine
john foxx - underpass
omd - telegraph
fehlfarben - paul ist tot
the doors - the end