[playlist 07.05.2010]


dead can dance - the cardinal sin
blood axis - electricity
der blutharsch - 8. track von 'flying high'
pilori - a ship is burning
antony and the johnsons - one dove
current 93 - anyway, people die
janitor - habelsbolet - port said
seelenblut - sudden light
ordo rosarius equilibrio - glory to thee, my beloved masturbator
kirlian camera - a woman's dreams


 dead can dance - indus
mother destruction - hella (live)
jack or jive - a march for new european
joy division - decades
the cure - m
siouxsie and the banshees - cities in dust
the sisters of mercy - black planet
radio werewolf - buried alive
the bollock brothers - faith healer
death in june feat. tavid tibet - daedalus rising


sol invictus - long live death
rome - a legacy of unrest
dernière volonté - mon mercenaire
the moon lay hidden beneath a cloud - holy nation (track 18
von 'a new soldier follows the path of a new king')
golgatha + dawn & dusk entwined - the messiah
nocturnal emissions - don't believe it's over
kirlian camera - k-pax
depeche mode - stripped
boytronic - trigger track
trans x - living on video
covenant - call the ships to port
suicide commando - save me (full verison)
daf - verschwende deine jugend



klinik - hours and hours
herz jühning - messiah
geneviéve pasquier - bougel
haus arafna - no right to live
genocide organ - vive la guerre
in slaugther natives - as my shield
bearer of the inmost sun - hail! jerusalem
current 93 - when the may rain come
death in june - ein böser, böser titel ;-)
dernière volonté - l'ombre des réverbères
rome - der brandtaucher
kirlian camera - ascension
joy division - she's lost control



frustration - no trouble
siouxsie and the banshees - happy house
the sisters of mercy - alice
forthcoming fire - feuer
fields of the nephilim - for her light (one)
x mal deutschland - incubus succubbus
tuxedomoon - no tears (adult remix)
front 242 - no shuffle
nitzer ebb - lightning man
16 bit - too fat to live
daf - alle gegen alle
skinny puppy - smothered hope
welle:erdball - arbeit adelt!
klangstabil - you may start



herz jühning - anorexia
objekt/urian - useless informations
subliminal - cry out
haus arafna - signerd with blood
controlled bleeding - tormentor's song
rome - the secret sons of europe
dernière volonté - douce hirondelle
ordo rosarius equilibrio - three is an orgy, four is forever
triarii - europa
death in june - the calling (mk II)
shock therapy - hate is a 4-letter word
human league - being boiled
john foxx - underpass
yazoo -don't go
grauzone - träume mit mir



delay - working in a factory
indochine - l'aventurier
frustration - too many questions
placebo - battle for the sun
visage - fade to grey
kirlian camera - austria
borghesia - no hope, no fear
calva y nada - dias felizes
the normal - tvod
the doors - the end